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Sedelogic S-Curve Pad Review

My appendix Irish Draught Ghost has bone spavin and can get some compensatory tenderness over her lumbar area, becoming tense behind the saddle area. She takes time to warm up and, like all horses, needs to be absolutely comfortable in her back to be able to swing through. This all affects her schooling work particularly and, whilst we aren’t competitive riders, I want a comfortable and willing partnership. So, I wanted a pad that would absorb shock, protect her back and that wouldn’t take up too much room beneath the saddle. She’s a tricky horse to fit saddle-wise and I’d been looking for a pad that wouldn’t affect the fit on her made-to-measure saddle but would tick all of our other boxes. In the past I’ve found most pads create too much bulk beneath the saddle, narrowing the channel and gullet and creating more of the problems they’re meant to solve. However, I found the S Curve Sedelogic pad brilliant. It is curved at the shoulder to allow for the horse’s movement. This was great as Ghost has the large shoulders typical to her breed and can push a saddle to one side if she does not have optimum fit here – this is all the more important for us because I prefer a forward cut saddle. It also has a recess where the stirrup bars are located. Again, this was genius in preventing any pressure points here – I am wary of stirrup bar pressure having discovered the stirrup bar angle had been less than ideal in a previous saddle. The rear panel of the pad was simple to heat and set to fit her exact back profile within minutes. Most importantly, the whole pad is extremely lightweight and did not alter the fit or balance of her saddle. While Ghost will always need a careful warm up when schooling due to her spavin, I think it’s safe to say that we are hugely impressed with our Sedelogic S Curve!’

Sarah Newstead & Ghost

Riding Club & Dressage rider


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