We want you to be 100% happy with your pad and so we offer a 14 Day, no quibble, money back 'HORSE HAPPINESS GUARANTEE'!

We are passionate about the very real benefits of using a Sedelogic pad, both to your Horse and yourself.  However we also know horses and so do appreciate that not every product will suit every individual horse and rider combination.  To ensure you are 100% confident investing in your new Sedelogic pad we are offering a money back guarantee.  If you and your horse are not delighted with your new Sedelogic Pad simply contact us using the "contact us" link  within 14 days of the receipt of your new pad, tell us about your experience of using that pad and why you wish to return it and we will confirm the return details with no quibbles and then refund you the full purchase price of your pad as soon as the pad is receipted back to us in a clean, undamaged condition and with its original packaging.


Sedelogic Pads come in Small, Medium & Large.

Small pads are a pony fit and sit perfect under any saddle 16 inch and under.

Medium pads are for Saddles sizes 16 1/2 to 17 inch and for anything over 17 inch select size Large.

Sedelogic also manufacture pads designed for specific Equestrian disciplines including Western Riding and Racing,  If you wish to enquire about these products please use the 'contact us' link on the homepage and we'd be delighted to assist you and provide more details.


There are broadly speaking,  three main types of shock absorbing pad available in the market at present, these are; Foams, Sheepskins and Gels.


Foam pads are quite popular and, along with Sheepskin, have been around the longest.   They are commonly used to correct poorly fitting saddles or to support very difficult to fit horses as a temporary fitting correction application only (think Shims and Risers) .  In long term use foams that are continually compressed under saddle and rider pressure/weight will flatten out over time and lose their shock absorbing properties.

Foam pads - often covered with a cotton or polyester top layer, are great for general riding but offer little in the way of consistent shock absorption and pressure relief. Essentially the foam will naturally compress under pressure, but then under rider weight it is unable to 'bounce back' and therefore flattens out and loses its efficiency almost instantly.

Foam pads can very often be pretty bulky under saddle depending on the depth and type of foam used in the pad.


Sheepskins are still very popular and of course look and feel lovely. They are often now purchased more for their look than any shock absorbing benefit to the horse.

For a long time sheepskin was the best shock absorbing pad option available to equestrians but as technology has progressed they are now being out-performed by new gels and now also by the advanced 3D technology of the Sedelogic pads.  Sheepskin is very bulky and thick and as a result riders can often feel a disconnect from the horse or that they are "perched" on top of the horse.

As Saddle design has also advanced and with a move to close contact and bespoke saddles, the bulkiness sheepskin pads can often impact saddle fit too.


Gel pads are the newest to market and its important to understand that not all gels are equal. There is a huge variety of different Gel composites and thicknesses out there so its important to research well if looking into Gel as a shock absorbing pad option.

Many basic gel pads will absorb shocks to a small degree but under pressure they easily "bottom out"  something you can feel yourself by pinching together your thumb and forefinger on either side of the gel pad , if you can touch them together through the gel then that is " bottoming out"  and that's just with the pressure of your fingers! Imagine the impact of a rider on landing a jump, or even from something as simple as a spook. 

With gels, very broadly speaking, the thicker, or more dense the gel the better the shock absorbing properties, however this also means that some gel pads can actually be really rather heavy. The other downside of Gel is the lack of breathability, meaning that when working the horse sweats and moisture that naturally builds up under saddle has no ability to vent /escape, leaving a warm, sweaty and potentially uncomfortable horses back underneath.


FREE !!   If Shipping anywhere within the UK, you will benefit from free shipping of your new Sedelogic Pad, our standard shipping service is usually 3-5 days,  you also have the option at checkout to upgrade to our next day delivery service- if you just can't wait!



The Sedelogic pad's unique 3D weave composition means it is incredibly lightweight and stable. so it will sit correctly and discreetly under your saddle, will not move about at all and will not affect the fit of your saddle. Some specialist pads like the Sedelogic Ortho pad and Reverse Ortho Pad have a graduated thickness to support shock absorption & pressure relief in key areas so with these variants there is more pad under targeted areas of the saddle for support and thus these thicker areas will create some lift which is the desired effect in these more specialist variants

Our pads have been extensively tested and are now recommended by many top riders, Equine Physiotherapists and Saddle Fitters



Easy!  Pop it in the washing machine on a gentle 30 degree cycle, then either air dry it flat or by placing it with the spine of the pad lengthways over a line or airer.


Sedelogic have invested heavily into conducting a series of specific, measured scientific tests to analyse and provide proven, published results that the pad does exactly what it says on the tin!   

One of these testing sessions can be viewed in full here

It is of huge importance to the Sedelogic team that they have the pure hard facts to support claims made about the benefits of pressure reduction and shock absorption to both horse and rider while using a Sedelogic Pad. During the pressure testing analysis the results consistently recorded shock absorption impact reduction by a huge 50%