*NEW* Sedelogic Pads -  Video review by;

Team Jones Equestrian



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Jonty Evans

International Event Rider


“I’ve been riding dressage and XC schooling in the Sedelogic Pad with my horses.

My feelings are that they are very light, easily worn, an exceptional fit, and as far as I can tell very effective!

 I’m lucky because my saddles all fit very well, The pad does not interfere with saddle fit and I think very probably that the Sedelogic pad adds to their effectiveness, especially competing in a sport where being perfect all the time is probably not possible, these pads are going to add to those tools that will make yours and your horses life easier and better”.

Jonty also created a quick Video to share his experience of using the Sedelogic pads;  WATCH NOW






Richard & Victoria Jones 

Team Jones Equestrian

We are absolutely over the moon with the Sedelogic Pads. They look great, they fit great, they have proven science behind them and all our horses love them!

We have noticed amazing differences riding in the pads, particularly with the weaker or more sensitive horses. 

Our aim is always to produce happy athletes and Sedelogic are certainly helping us achieve this".

 Team Jones Equestrian, based in Rutland, is the home of International 5* Event Rider, Richard Jones and International Dressage Rider, Victoria Jones.

Ben from Team Jones Equestrian also created a fantastic video to explain how to set up and use the innovative Sedelogic S Curve Pad

                                                  WATCH NOW



Ashley Moore

Dressage Trainer, FEI Grand Prix Rider & USDF Gold Medallist


Happy horses mean happy riders. That is why I trust my Sedelogic Half Pad to ensure the comfort and protection of all my horses. Sedelogic pads are the most rigorously tested and meticulously crafted shock absorbing pads on the market, and are scientifically tested to do exactly as they claim. These pads not only offer shock absorption for the horses, they also provide shock absorption I can feel in my own back, especially when riding the bigger moving horses. Ever since I began using this pad I have noticed that the horses' backs warm up much faster. The size and shape of Sedelogic pads are also designed to not interfere with the fit of the saddle. Only the best for these high performance athletes!







Sarah Newstead & Ghost

Riding Club & Leisure Rider

North East.

‘My appendix Irish Draught Ghost has bone spavin and can get some compensatory tenderness over her lumbar area, becoming tense behind the saddle area. She takes time to warm up and, like all horses, needs to be absolutely comfortable in her back to be able to swing through. This all affects her schooling work particularly and, whilst we aren’t competitive riders, I want a comfortable and willing partnership. So, I wanted a pad that would absorb shock, protect her back and that wouldn’t take up too much room beneath the saddle. She’s a tricky horse to fit saddle-wise and I’d been looking for a pad that wouldn’t affect the fit on her made-to-measure saddle but would tick all of our other boxes. In the past I’ve found most pads create too much bulk beneath the saddle, narrowing the channel and gullet and creating more of the problems they’re meant to solve. However, I found the S Curve Sedelogic pad brilliant. It is curved at the shoulder to allow for the horse’s movement. This was great as Ghost has the large shoulders typical to her breed and can push a saddle to one side if she does not have optimum fit here – this is all the more important for us because I prefer a forward cut saddle. It also has a recess where the stirrup bars are located. Again, this was genius in preventing any pressure points here – I am wary of stirrup bar pressure having discovered the stirrup bar angle had been less than ideal in a previous saddle. The rear panel of the pad was simple to heat and set to fit her exact back profile within minutes. Most importantly, the whole pad is extremely lightweight and did not alter the fit or balance of her saddle. While Ghost will always need a careful warm up when schooling due to her spavin, I think it’s safe to say that we are hugely impressed with our Sedelogic S Curve!’



Rebecca and Gucci

Riding Club Teams-North

Gucci is a 16’3, 9 year old mare, who still seems to be growing. She has a big front end, massive shoulders and quite a high wither so saddle fitting is a nightmare. As a larger rider I wanted a pad that will act as an extra cushion between my saddle and her back, something that will absorb impact and help distribute weight evenly, all without hampering the fit of her dressage saddle.

I have always struggled with getting Gucci to lift her tummy and stretch across her back, and I've often felt guilty thinking it was my fault and that she "couldn't" do it. From the first time I used my pad I could feel a difference. Gucci was much more willing to move forward and was stepping through a lot more from behind, she was swinging through her body and felt more forward into her transitions.

I used the pad for schooling for a few weeks then was keen to see if it was just a fluke and I was having a good run with a moody mare, so I then rode without the pad for a few sessions where she was notably choppier in her movement and not as fluid.

I now always ride Gucci with my pad and I’m so excited to finally be able to crack on and build up her top line, and hopefully to see some more positive results when we’re back out competing.

 I am enjoying a much smoother, happier and free-feeling horse. I am a firm believer that there's no such thing as a miracle gadget, but my Sedelogic pad has to be my best investment to date! Thank you Sedelogic.