**New** S-Curve Pad



For the ultimate shock absorption, weight and pressure distribution and orthopaedic benefits, Sedelogic has launched the Innovative new S-Curve Pad. 

The Sedelogic S-curve pad is a custom fit saddle pad excelling in pressure distribution and shock absorption, while keeping your horse cool and dry.

The striking S-curve at the front gives space to shoulders and withers, allowing your horse the freedom to make larger movements. This enables unrestricted top performance.

Shock absorption and pressure distribution are achieved through the unique  three dimensional weaving structure of the pad. This in effect creates thousands of mini shock absorbers


In the new S-curve pad, Thermaplate technology is integrated: At the rear a technical thermoplastic material is sandwiched within the pad structure, creating an even larger pressure distribution area over the most sensitive area of the horses back. 

The perfect custom fit of the S-Curve pad is achieved by simply applying heat with a normal hairdryer, which quickly makes the thermoplastic layer soft and pliable.  The Pad is then placed on the horse under the saddle.( with or without a thin saddle pad or numnah) The rider then mounts and rides in walk for around 10 minutes while the the material returns to its firm state in the new custom shape for the Individual horse, saddle and rider weight.

You only need to heat the pad once on first set up unless your horse changes shape, you change saddles, use the pad on a different horse or indeed wish to re-customise the shape of the pad in any way. at any time. In which case you simply repeat the above process whenever you require.

The Sedelogic S-Curve pad also contains a unique Pressure Relief Circle. within the pad structure.The suspension of the stirrup is a prevalent cause of high peak pressures. The S-curve pad has a unique recess that sits under the position of the stirrup bar on the saddle. In this way the stirrup gets some tolerance and the surrounding pad structure absorbs the pressure over a larger area.



Medium,53 x 31 cm, thickness 18-24 mm.

Large, 56 x 31 cm, thickness 18-24 mm